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Welcome to Lesson 3 in your 3 part e-course...

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In today's lesson, we're going to talk a little bit more about the sheer power of quality content and article submission.  Plus, I'm going to give you a list of resources that you'll never want to be without.

These resources are the "crem-de-la-crem" for submitting your articles across the Internet.  In addition, I'm going to give you an example of a well-crafted email that you'll want to pay close attention to for your own use when contacting ezine publishers to request your articles be included in their ezine.

This is crucial my friend...

If you can get just one ezine publisher (who has a large list of subscribers) to use one of your articles in his or her ezine, you're talkin hundreds, if not thousands, of instant visitors to your site.

So, let's get crackin'... shall we?

It's very important... when contacting ezine publishers, that you act in a professional manner when submitting your articles to them for their review.  Trust me when I tell ya... No ezine publisher with half a brain will want to use your article in their publication if you don't follow a few simple yet extremely important guidelines.

Remember -- They've worked long and hard - years perhaps - on building credibility with their loyal list of subscribers and they won't take any chances on messing things up!  You should (at the least) respect them for that!


So again, remember these few guidelines when contacting them:

  1. Be Professional.

  2. Make the process of including your article in their ezine as simple as possible.

  3. Make sure your article stands "head and shoulders" above any competition by providing "top notch" information.

  4. Format your article and the email itself in a professional manner.

  5. Before sending your email to the publisher with your request for inclusion of your article, be sure you've read several back issues of their publication so you can become familiar with the ezine (look through the archives on their website and subscribe to the publication as well).

  6. Don't hesitate to tell the publisher how much you've enjoyed their ezine and offer one or two specific examples if possible (a little sucking up can go a long way as long as you don't overdo it ;-)

  7. Include all the information the publisher will need about you and your article in an easy to understand format.

8. Be sure to fully explain any "Affiliate Promotions" that they can earn commissions from and offer to sign them up for your affiliate program at their request.

9. Be sure to explain the affiliate structure and don't be afraid to offer a publisher more commissions than you would normally offer other "standard affiliates" for the same sale.

10. Most importantly, be sure to include the article in the body of the email.  NEVER send the article as an attachment!  With the risk of viruses and alike being sent out by the millions daily, everyone is now becoming more and more hesitant about opening up attachments in their email.


Here is an example of what your email to the publisher might look like...

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I've been an avid reader of your ezine for several months now and really enjoy the quality of information you continue to provide in each issue.  I especially enjoyed the article from your November, 2005 issue titled:

"Seven Simple Ways To Save $300 A Month On Your Food Budget - Without Sacrificing Taste!"

I myself own and operate a website related to cooking and I'd welcome the opportunity to have my most recent article published in your ezine.

Knowing first hand that quality, informative content is the key ingredient in each and every issue you publish, I'm certain you'll not only appreciate the article, but also welcome the opportunity to share it with your subscribers.

Furthermore, because your ezine is one of the few that actually provides a unique section specifically designed to offer easy yet tasteful recipes that anyone can prepare, I think my article would make a perfect fit.

Most importantly, we do offer a 50% commission on all cookbook sales via our affiliate program and I'd be more than happy to extend a more lucrative offer your way.  I think a 70% commission to you (instantly via PayPal) on all sales would surely be a very lucrative opportunity for you.

I'd also be eager and willing to have the article below coded with your affiliate links to save you the time and effort.  Just let me know how you'd like to approach this, and again.. I'll be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

You can also sign up for our affiliate program manually if you prefer at:


NOTE: All commissions are paid twice weekly via Paypal so you will receive your commissions quickly and easily online.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Keep up the great work!

I've copied and formatted the article below for your review.

Jay Casif


------------- Begin Article------------------

"Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

AUTHOR: Jay Casif
WRAP: 65
ATEGORY: Cooking

Formatted at 65 characters per line.
This article will pass safely through most email filters.


Publishing Guidelines: You may publish this article free of charge in
your ezine, web site, ebook or printed publication as long as the
copyright notice and the resource paragraph (at the end of the
article) are included.

You have authorization to re-format this article to your publishing
requirements as long as no changes are made to the original text.

A courtesy copy of your publication or web address where this article is published would be appreciated -


------------------- FEATURE ARTICLE -------------------

"Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

Copyright 2006 Jay Casif

You would place your article text here....


About The Author:

About The Author:  Jay Casif is a cooking enthusiast and romantic.  His website at offers simple yet delicious recipes for creating the perfect candle light meal for that "special person" in your life.  David's Free E-course "Candle-Lite Chronicles" is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to "Spark" a hotter flame in any relationship.  Subscribe by sending a blank email to:  or at


IMPORTANT: Feel free to substitute your affiliate links in place of any links in the resource box as well. Earn two-tier commissions from every sale you refer.

Affiliate details are available at:

Now, let me ask you another question...

What do you think will happen to your "hit counter" if the publisher of a popular ezine decided to take you up on an offer and publish your article (complete with our resource box) in their ezine?

Yup... You guessed it!  Your hit counter will spin out of control.  Then, as I mentioned previously, your only job at that point would be to make sure each and every single visitor who clicks through to your website from the resource box opts into your list!

A simple recipe for huge profits!

Continuing along...

Below you will find hundreds (possibly thousands) of ezines that are looking to publish articles on all topics:

understand, not everyone on these lists above will accept articles at this time, and not every ezine directory will tell you which ezines are -- or are not -- accepting articles, so it will be a bit of a process in finding out which ones do and don't. But the end result from your efforts will pay off in a big way!

Hell... I can't do everything for ya! I'm just one guy here ;-)

Make sure you write down all the details of who you submit your articles to -- and make a simple list or directory for yourself.   This way, you'll know where to send your articles the next time, who accepted your articles in the past, which publishers were open to the idea, etc..

also, is a condensed list of some popular article announcement sites:

NOTE: As you read over each of the websites listed above, be sure to also read over the various articles on the site as well.

The key here is this...
  • LEARN from the other authors.

  • Notice their various writing styles - which do you like best and why?

  • Take notes of those articles that grab your attention with a great headline, then use those headlines as a swipe file for your own headlines.

  • Check out the resources boxes at the end of the articles.  Do they make you want to click through to their websites or sign up for their newsletter?  Why?

  • Use the articles as an example of how you can construct your own articles.

And there you have it my friend... I'm sure you'll have plenty of homework to do now.

Remember, start writing and get those creative juices flowing.  Even if you haven't got a clue yet about who, what, or where your website target audience will be... JUST START WRITING!

Practice makes perfect.

Being able to write informatively online is imperative to your success.  Just like learning how to drive a car, in my opinion, is necessary in the real world.


"Can you get around in the real world without knowing how to drive a car?

YES -- you can!..."

But you'll have to rely on a lot of others to get you where you want to go!

Me myself... I don't like to rely on anyone but me!

My final piece of advice to you is this...

For now... Simply write about what you're passionate about.  Then, once you develop your skill and unique writing style, the sky's your limit!

I most certainly hope you enjoyed this e-course... and I look forward to chatting with ya again sometime soon!

Good luck in all your ventures...

Jay Casif

P.S.  Have some questions?  I'd be more than eager to help!  Send me an email to and I'll get back to you promptly...

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