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Welcome to Lesson 2 in your 3 part e-course...

"One Ultra-Resourceful, Underutilized,
Low Cost -
Never Known To Fail - Stealth Marketing Tactic - Guaranteed To Increase
Your Traffic And Sales In 10 Days Or Less!"

Today... we're going to discuss the nuts and bolts of getting your articles out there on the Internet.  Plus, I'm going to introduce you to a few tools that will make your job a heck of a lot easier than you might think.

But let's keep it our own little secret... shall we?

So, without further delay, let's jump right in...

How To Submit Your Articles To Article Banks, Ezine Directories And Publishers To Grab Immediate Traffic To Your Website

Before you pitch your articles to anyone, you must read their guidelines carefully! Failing to follow the set guidelines for posting/submitting your article will usually end with straight out rejection.

Articles Banks And Directories

My first recommendation is to start by submitting your articles to article directories.  Article directories are - by far - the very best FREE resource to gain quality links and traffic back to your website.

Now, instead of simply providing you with a list of hundreds of article directories, I'm going to offer you one ULTRA RESOURCEFUL "invaluable" resource in just a moment.  This one resource will submit your article to many of the most popular directories on the web for you... FREE.


But first... I want you to truly understand how this will benefit you...

Here's how -- You create one article and then have it submitted to thousands of publishers and/or directories with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Sound profitable and easy?  Well it is!

Once you've done this, you'll have thousands of links all across the Internet, each pointing back to your website... again FREE!

Submit two, three, five, ten articles and you'll start building back links to your website in no time.

I can only hope you're beginning to grasp the sheer power and viral effects of this type of marketing...

Best of all, you can also allow other webmasters to use your articles on their website for content -- including your "resource box" (you remember the resource box... don't you?) which will always remain in tact and unedited -- providing multiple links back to your website, newsletter subscription form or alternate opt-in offer.

In my humble opinion, this is by far the best way to grab hundreds of page visits to your website, plus build your opt-in list quickly and easily -- all on a zero budget!

NOTE: Not only can you write an article and have hundreds of webmasters from all across the Internet use your article for content on their website, but you can also use other author's articles on your own website as well.

Remember, search engines love content!  So when you're just starting out building a new website, you'll need to have quick content.  One of the best sources for quick, fresh, quality content for your website is by using other authors articles on your site.

For example:

Let's assume we need some content for our website.  We could start writing some articles that would pertain to our "niche" and add them to our website as we progress along.

But the problem is time!  How many "QUALITY" articles can we write in a week?  It takes some time and effort to product a quality, informative and entertaining article.  And time is something we're a bit short on when just setting up a new site.  We want to get our website riddled with high quality content ASAP!

So what do we do?

We browse a few article banks and grab some free articles written by other authors and add those articles we find interesting to our website.

The important thing to remember is that we only want "Top Shelf" quality, laser-targeted articles that will fit perfectly into our niche' website.

The only requirement is that we include the author's resource box in the article.

No problemo!  We'll gladly credit the author of the article for their work.  They'll, in turn, receive some quality links from our website and we've just grabbed INSTANT Content for our site as well.  Sounds like a lucrative trade... wouldn't you agree?

Extremely POWERFUL Stuff Here Kids!

And what's even more powerful is the fact that once we begin writing our own articles and submitting them out into the article banks and directories, we'll reap the same rewards from other webmasters looking to add content to their websites.

Perhaps they'll use a few of our articles...

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

From the webmasters point of view:

  • They receive quality, informative content for their website

  • Their website will increase in the search engine rankings (search engines love sites with a lot of fresh, updated content on a regular basis).

  • Their site will be of greater benefit to it's customers and visitors because of the quality of information it will provide.

  • They'll receive more "repeat traffic" from the continuously updated, fresh, entertaining content they can add regularly.

  • More and more webmasters will refer traffic to their website because it becomes a valuable resource on the web -- and more traffic ultimately leads to more sales.

  • This will increase their "Link Popularity" and ultimately increase their search engine rankings and traffic as well.

From the authors point of view:

They receive hundreds (even thousands) of links from related websites through the articles being published on other websites with similar topics.

They'll gain credibility and recognition in their niche' as a respected author and expert in their field.

They'll likely open up new doors of opportunity -- such as ezine publishers and alike who may want to reprint their articles in one of their monthly ezines or similar websites who may want to trade links for increased traffic.

  • More affiliate promotions and joint venture opportunities.

  • More overall exposure for their website, products and services.

  • Increased opportunity to build their mailing list, newsletter subscription or opt-in offers.

Etc., etc., etc...

And that's just a few of the countless opportunities that can arise from writing your own articles and content.

Right now, let me explain more about this "stealth" marketing tactic by giving you just one quick example...

Let's say I've written an article to promote traffic back to my website "Cooking On A Budget"  and I'm planning to submit the article to dozens (maybe hundreds) of article directories.  The title of my article might read something like this:

"Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

Now, I've written a brilliant article full of benefits to the reader.  At the closing of my article (as we discussed), I've left the reader wanting more information about the subject (REMEMBER - Informative but incomplete... leaving the reader wanting more).

And also... At the end of my "brilliant and entertaining" article, I've also added my resource box plugging my website and free e-course like the resource box below:

About The Author:  Jay Casif is a cooking enthusiast and self proclaimed romantic.  His website at offers simple yet delicious recipes for creating the perfect meal on a fixed budget.  David's Free E-course "Cookie Cutter Cooking" is jam packed with tips and techniques for the cooking enthusiast.  Subscribe for FREE by sending a blank email to:  or at

I would now do two things.  First, I would use the services of Article Marketers to submit my article all across the Internet for FREE:

In my opinion, they are one of the best article submission services available on the web.  Check them out and see for yourself...

Ezine Publishers:

In addition to using Article Marketer, I would then locate several targeted ezines focused on my "Niche" (cooking) and send an email to the publisher of the ezine informing him or her that I have a great article that I feel would be of great benefit to their readers.

Ezine publishers are constantly looking for quality and entertaining content to add to their ezines and our article just might "wet their whistle" this time.

Don't get me wrong, it can be a difficult task (especially those ezines that are well established and have very large circulations) but it's not impossible -- and all it takes is an email to the publisher.  The worst thing that can happen is they say no or simply don't respond back to us with any interest...

The best scenario...

Our article is accepted by an ezine publisher because of it's quality, informative, entertaining content and we now have the potential for tens of thousands of visitors to our website -- FREE!

Then, all you want to do is capture the email address of each and every visitor who arrives at your website!

A simple, yet powerful way to generate additional sales!


Dear Lord!  If that's not sheer and utter excitement than I'm afraid you're dead -- NO heartbeat -- and I suggest you visit your family doctor immediately!

Right now we've only just begun to implement our clever little marketing strategies and in our next lesson - hang on! - we're going to shift into high gear and really discover how to explode our sales and profits with our articles...

Just you wait and see!

That's gonna do it for lesson 2.

Tomorrow, we're also going to discuss some of the best articles directories on the net!

All I can say is... You don't want to miss out on tomorrow's lesson... NO WAY!

Be there - or be square... bright and early ;-)

Jay Casif

P.S.  Have some questions?  I'd be more than eager to help!  Send me an email to and I'll get back to you promptly...

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