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Welcome back to Lesson 3 in your 3 part e-course...

"20 Surefire Techniques To Insure Your Website Explodes!

Wow... our final lesson already!  Time sure flies when you're havin fun...

Are you ready to finish up with the last few "profit nuggets"?

Great!  here we go...

12. Write Powerful Headlines And Descriptions - Your headlines and product descriptions can make or break your sales.  The first thing a visitor sees when they land on your website is your headline.  Your headline has to grab your reader’s attention and literally "Punch them in the Face!"

I would also like to once again refer you to a FANTASTIC e-book that's available that will teach you in great detail about the power of words and the importance of a strong headline on your website.  The book is called
MAKE YOUR WORDS SELL and it is produced by Dr. Ken Envoy of Sitesell.  Even if you've never written one line of web copy, you'll feel like a pro after reading his book.  Trust me... It's a tremendous VALUE and read!  If you haven't read it... READ IT!

13. Dedicate At Least 30 Minutes Each Day To Your Business - This is self explanatory, of course,, but I did want to include it.  If you're an online entrepreneur, even part time, your need to set aside at least 30 minutes each day.  In order to grow your business, you have to invest in it.  Although you may not have much cash to invest, you can always find time.... and that's more valuable than money.  Plus, after all the topics discussed in this article, there's plenty of time needed to get your business on the right track.  So take some time each day and use it wisely towards marketing and promotion.

... In the long run, it will pay you back 1000 fold!

14. Sign Up For Marketing And Niche’ Newsletters - Many entrepreneurs don't take advantage of the WEALTH of information available online... FREE!

There are so many knowledgeable and successful people online willing to share their trials and errors and discuss what they've learned with you.  Take advantage of it!

There are literally thousands of newsletters available to you just related to marketing alone.  Take some time to research a few and sign up for some of them.  Read each one you subscribe to... keep those you like... and dump those you don't.  You'll come away with a lot of tips and resources you never knew existed.

Running an online business is a constant learning experience.  I know from experience that I learn something new each and every day (my brain can't take much more ;-).  You should never stop trying to learn new and clever ways to promote you business to ultimately make more profits.  That's the bottom line... PROFIT!


15. Create A Suggestion Box For Customer Feedback - The more you know about what customers are saying about your business, the more you can improve on your overall performance.  It's just you against the world... so find out what the world has to say.

Put a questionnaire or feedback form on your website and find out what your customers like and dislike about your business.  Offer a free gift to your customers (it could be as simple as a free report to download) for taking the time to fill out your survey.  Their feedback could generate a lot more income for you.

Take this example...

Let's assume you consistently sell 20 products a day on your website.  Great!  You're happy with that as a part time income.  You're making an extra $100 a day from your site and there doesn't seem to be any issues you need to address.  Heck, 20 orders a day.... you must be doing things perfectly...right?

Then, one day, you decide to place a small feedback form on your website.  You have someone design the form to pop up when someone exits your website (remember... you need to be creative with your pop ups and forms or their virtually useless).

Over the next few weeks, you noticed that a lot of customers are filling out the feedback form (to get your free download about "How to create adorable stuffed animals out of old pillow cases") and many of them have mentioned that they were about to purchase something from you but couldn't figure out the shipping charges so they simply left your site.

Now remember... you're still getting 20 orders a day consistently.  If you hadn't placed that form on your site, you'd never know this was an issue.  You're still VERY happy getting your 20 consistent orders daily.

But now that you've discovered there may be a problem with how customers find their shipping rates, you decide to address that problem and put a link to a shipping rate chart.

Chances are, once you take care of the issue, those 20 orders a day will soon increase to 50 in no time.  And just think about it... You would've never known there was a concern if you didn't reach out and talk to your customers.  Without knowing what issues or concerns your customers have... you can't fix a problem!  Therefore, you're leaving profits on the table for someone else (A SUPER SALESPERSON) to steal right out from under you.

16. Offer Contests And Freebies - People browsing the Internet like to get involved.  The Internet feels like a giant community to many.  They are very willing to enter drawings and contests if they feel they're legitimately run and they realistically have a chance to win something.  A great way to capture a visitor's email address (and we know how important that is) is to offer a contest where something FREE will be given away.

Having said that, when it comes to contests, people won't enter a contest unless they are going to receive something substantial, something of VALUE!  You can't run a contest and offer a free "How To” Download.  That just won't cut it.  You have to offer a REAL prize.  I'm sure if you brainstorm a bit you'll come up with some great ideas.

Again, use your own cleverness... And Do Things Ethically!  Be sure to add a "PREVIOUS WINNERS" page on your site so that new entrants can view previous winners.  This will also add legitimacy to your contest.  Also, be sure to present the contest rules clearly on your site so everyone entering can read and agree to the terms.

17. Use Creative Pop Ups And Exit Windows - With the blatant overuse of Pop Up Ads and browser window manipulators these days, almost every web browser and/or host offers pop up blockers to stop these uninvited pests!  I myself couldn't be happier.  They are very annoying when mis-used!

It is a bit unfortunate though, because pop ups were once used very effectively by legitimate companies.... and they did their job of converting visitors into new subscribers very well.  But lately, pop up windows have taken on a BAD NAME...and in many ways... for the wrong reasons.

Just like anything else, when you use something like a pop up window on your site, you have to use it with caution and show respect for your customers.  No one wants annoying pop ups at every click. Fortunately, you can still obtain a tremendous response rate from the new, more sophisticated pop ups and "Hover Ads" available.

AWeber system uses some very sophisticated technology with their software to allow you to create advanced pop ups and hover ads that pop up blockers can no longer destroy.

Additionally, as I mentioned previously, exit pop ups are a great way to get customer feedback.  You can also use exit pop ups for special offers and discounts.  Again, the cleverer you become in your thinking, the more advantages you'll find for this technology.  Browse the web... See what others are doing... and then adapt some of those methods you find interesting into your own site.

There's no doubt, your response rates will skyrocket with the use of pop ups, hover ads, and exit windows.

18. Take Advantage Of Newsletter And Ezine Advertising - One of the most efficient ways to advertise your business online is through ezine and newsletter publications.  Having said this, the reason many small businesses don't get good results from an ezine or newsletter ad is simple....They are usually writing their ads to MAKE A SALE.

Now that you're ready to be that SUPER SALESPERSON, you now know that the sale comes later..... First comes trust and a relationship with your customer.  So the reason you want to advertise in a newsletter or ezine isn't to immediately HARD SELL a product, it's simply to (LET'S SAY THIS TOGETHER) "Build Our MAILING LIST!  Very... Very... Good!

When you find a newsletter or ezine that targets your niche' market, try placing an ad in it with only one goal in mind.... Get New Subscribers on Your List.  Once you have a large list of subscribers, then and only then, will you truly be successful!  Once you accomplish this task, you can literally write your own paycheck.  You could send out weekly sales offers, promote affiliate programs, promote new downloads you've created.... the opportunities are endless.

Now, contrary to when I addressed the topic of writing a Signature File, (that's FREE to do and doesn't cost you a dime), ezine and newsletter advertising does come with a price tag.  Fortunately, there are literally thousands of ezines and newsletters out there that are targeted toward your market.  Out of all these publications, each will have a different number of subscribers and a different cost to advertise in.

Additionally, depending on the type of ad, the location within the publication, and the reputation of each publication itself, the costs can vary significantly.  You should start small, and once you create an ad that you know is producing good results, you can then step up slowly.

Take baby steps with each aspect of your business and learn from each experience!  Nothing has been wasted if you've at least learn something from it.....

Write a GOOD AD!  This can become a bit frustrating to master, but take your time and write from the customer's perspective.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Ask yourself...

-- Would I click on this ad if I read it?
-- What's in it for me -- the customer?
-- Do I use emotion and a call to action?
-- Am I making the customer an offer they simply can't refuse?

Again, writing effectively is a craft that takes time to master, but you can do it with a little practice and perseverance.  I strongly recommend the book
MAKE YOUR WORDS SELL if you are serious about learning how to write ads and web copy effectively.  Like I mentioned previously... It's SUPER!

When choosing an ezine to advertise in... choose wisely.  Make sure you're advertising in a reputable publication.  You can always ask the publisher for references or past issues to be sure they are legitimately mailing and advertising as described.  But most importantly... advertise in ezines!

19. Have Fun! - So many online entrepreneurs forget this!  HAVE FUN!  If you aren't having fun... give it up!  You have to be excited and enjoy building your business everyday.  When you make business fun, it becomes something more than money and profits.... it becomes a passion!  When you're extremely passionate about something... you put a lot more effort into obtaining your desired results.

20. Setup A Mailing List - Oh, did I already mention this?  Ahhh... IT'S THAT IMPORTANT!  So I've mentioned it again!  If you choose not to implement any of the techniques mentioned throughout this e-course... at the least SETUP A MAILING LIST! 

It's will be your best asset and continue to churn huge profits for your business month after month!  Read and educate yourself everyday about how to build and profit from your list!  It’s that IMPORTANT!

I certainly hope you enjoyed this e-course.  It's been my pleasure being able to share these 20 surefire techniques with you!  I hope to talk to you again soon.

Good luck in all your ventures...

Jay Casif

P.S.  Have some questions?  I'd be more than eager to help!  Send me an email to and I'll get back to you promptly...

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